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Book Launch: A Grammar Sketch of Yolŋu Sign Language

signlanguagebook-1A Grammar Sketch of Yolŋu Sign Language by Marie Carla D. Adone and Elaine L. Maypilama

Presented by the Northern Institute, CDU

Friday 2 August 12:30pm

This is the first comprehensive introductory book on Yolŋu Sign Language, in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. This book explores areas of Yolŋu Sign Language Grammar and how this language behaves like many other sign languages around the world. The authors give an overview on the sociolinguistic background of this sign language. Who uses YSL, where, when and with whom? As in many other communities, the population on Elcho Island is ‘bimodal bilingual’, that is they acquire both spoken and sign languages simultaneously from birth. The book includes pictures and useful references, making it an ideal resource for YSL users, teachers, educators, policy makers, linguists or anyone interested in indigenous sign languages of Australia.